Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Wine

The Barolo dinner last Sunday was excellent - good food, good friends, and some very good wines. 

Because the world is never perfectly ordered, let's start with the dessert wine, a 2001 Fattoria Lavacchio Riserva Vin Santo del Chianti Rufina.  Dessert wines are not something I do that often, but this one was quite interesting.

This wine is made by drying the grapes either on straw mats or in clusters hung in the rafters of the winery until they dehydrate.  Obviously this produces less wine, but it concentrates the sugar and makes a lush wine. 

It was a dark amber color in the glass and had an aroma of the freshest golden raisins.  The wine was definitely sweet and the first few sips it seemed perhaps a little too sweet.  The dessert the wine was paired with was a strawberry and rhubarb pan crisp which had a lot of acid from the fruit.  The wine and the dessert were made for each other as the fruit knocked down some of the sweetness in the wine and the wine mellowed out some of the acid in the dessert.   Fascinating combination.

More on the Barolos shortly...

2001 Fattoria Lavacchio, Vin Santo del Chainti Rufina, Riserva.  14% alcohol and $30 for a 500ml bottle.

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