Friday, March 8, 2013


Last October I made a contribution to a local school to help with expenses for a science / engineering project.  The students were trying to build a hydroponic gardening system using recycled materials.  If they were successful they were going to share the harvest.  Among the other things involved was using heat from the sun, a few solar panels and a storage battery to run a small heater if it was too cold, and to run a few grow lights if it was too cloudy.   Since the project finally had some success (after a few early setbacks) pictured here is my first dividend from that investment - red oak leaf lettuce.  Next week I am expecting more lettuce and a few tomatoes.  It's not exactly the same a Community Supported Agriculture, but in late winter it is more than sufficient.

Last night I cleaned the lettuce and added a few mild ingredients and a light dressing for a very fresh salad.  The only problem is that it made me even more eager for spring. 

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