Thursday, March 7, 2013

Off the Wall

Sometimes it doesn't take much to pique my interest.  That was the case with this 2011 Domaine Nigri Confluence from Jurancon region of southwest France when I realized it was made of three grape varieties that I had not tasted before.  The wine was 80% Gros Manseng, 10% Camaralet and 10% Lauzet.  I was aware of Gros Manseng from having had wines made from its cousin Petit Manseng, but the other two were totally new to me. 

The color in the wine was a very pale gold and the aromas were pineapple spring rain.  The pineapple was there in the taste. The nose had led me to expect a sweetish and ripe taste but what I got was the flavor of pineapple with almost no sweetness.  There was also some honeydew melon aromas and flavors.  A little swirling and some waiting and the wine never did move from that profile.  Moderate acid and a small amount of tannin were present.  This was a nicely balanced wine.

Dinner was a chicken breast baked in parchment paper with some thyme, rosemary and goat cheese in the wrapper.  This wasn't the best match for the wine as this dish could have used a touch more acid, but the wine was still quite tasty.  On the second day it remained constant except that the acid seemed to have increased a little. 

Interesting wine and one I liked.  There are two more bottles to experiment with as far as matching it with food, but I'll give them a few months before trying another one.

Domaine Nigri Confluence.  13% alcohol and $18.

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