Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Bit of Melancholy

It is definitely nearing winter here -- not so much in temperatures, but certainly in the amount of daylight we receive.  Soon only the pines will have foliage.  I don't mind winter as much as I mind November. It's certainly an omen of things to come with the darkness of winter.

Already I am missing fresh herbs from the garden, ripe tomatoes instead of the poor substitutes now appearing in the market, fresh berries that aren't flown in from Chile, fresh salad greens that aren't from California or from a hydroponic farm, and a few other things. 

On the other hand the apples are at their best right now as are winter squash and other fall vegetables, but we are still more than a month from the start of the best citrus fruits of the seasons. There are some new herb plants sitting in the sunshine coming through the windows that I'll nurture and use sparingly this winter before replanting them outside in the spring.

Time for some wine.

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