Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spring Chardonnay

There was a very interesting wine to go with the chicken, pasta and chanterelle mushrooms described below.  The wine was a 2010 Spring chardonnay from the Bunter-Spring Winery.  The wine was from the Windsor Oaks Vineyard in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma.  It's not a wine that is in wide distribution. The wine was part of a three bottle lot in a silent auction last April at an event I was attending.  I was the winning bidder. 

I was pleasantly surprised.  The first sip was light and refreshing and almost had a Chablis like quality to it.  Green apple and lime flavors were dominant and the acid was great.  In the mid-palate the wine broadened quite a bit and some pear flavors and just a touch of pineapple crept into the mix.  The length was moderate and ended with a bit more acid.  Good wine with pasta and mushrooms. 

Lots of details on the label and I like that also.  Ingredients: Chardonnay grapes, water, tartaric acid and sulfur dioxide.  Wild yeast was used for fermentation.  Not fined.  Not filtered.  Residual sugar is 0.2 g/L. mph of 3.44.  Total Acid 6.63 g/L. Volatile acid 0.37 g/L.  13.8% alcohol. 

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