Monday, November 4, 2013

Fresh Chanterelles

Fresh Chanterelle mushrooms made an appearance at the market over the weekend.  They weren't inexpensive but they were certainly delicious.

After a gentle cleaning they were slice into large chunks and sauteed in clarified butter and a bit of olive oil until a good part of the moisture was gone and they were meaty and delicious.  A chicken breast was pan seared in another skillet and then tossed in the oven.  When it was done and resting under foil some shallots went into the skillet along with the remaining butter from the mushrooms.  A splash of Cognac de-glazed the pan and then it got a bit of chicken stock.  Once that was reduced in went some cream and a quick grate of nutmeg. Next in was some freshly made and cooked pasta. 

The pasta went on the plate, the chicken breast was sliced and put on top of the pasta and the Chanterelles went on top of the chicken.  A quick wisp of cheese finished the plate.  In the end I'm not so sure that the chicken was needed because that was the only thing left on the plate when dinner was finished.  The fruity flavor and meaty texture of the mushrooms were just about perfect. 

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