Thursday, November 14, 2013


There are two milestones today.  Most important is the wine, a 2010  Chablis Grand Cru Moutonne from Domaine Long-Depaquit.  Historically there are seven Chablis vineyards that carry the Grand Cru designation.  Since Chablis is my favorite white wine and since the Chablis Grand Crus are still somewhat affordable I have managed to enjoy at least one bottle from each of them over the years.

Moutonne is the western corner of another grand cru, Vaudesir, at its border with another, Les Preuses.  It has a single owner in Long-Depaquit and the wines have always been classified as a Vaudesir grand cru.  In the last few years the French authorities have relented and allowed them to drop Vaudesir and simply list the wine as Moutonne, thus creating in theory and eighth grand cru.  After a two year search I finally located two bottles of what is now the smallest by far of the grand crus.

I opened one bottle to mark the second milestone, post number 1000 in this blog.  I originally had a different wine that I intended to open, but when the realization hit me that this would be post number 1000 I opted for the Chablis.

The color was bright and clear and the aromas were unmistakably Chablis.  Mineral aromas and the smell of summer rain on dry limestone overwhelmed everything until some crisp apple fruit began to appear.  The wine was full bodied and comforting in the mouth but the tremendous acid kept it from feeling tired or flabby.  Lots of apple and spring herb tastes.  There seemed to be a bit of oak in the finish which kept the wine from being too steely, but I am not a fan of oak flavors in Chablis. That is a small quibble on an otherwise wonderful wine.

There were oysters and day boat scallops for dinner and there is no better match.  My happiness quotient was off the scale.  The other bottle will rest for a few years and I'll try this menu again.

2010  Chablis Grand Cru Moutonne from Domaine Long-Depaquit.  13% alcohol.  $75.00

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