Friday, June 20, 2014

Barnard Griffin Rose of Sangiovvese

It's turned into the rainy season here every afternoon, including the two inches that fell yesterday afternoon and evening.  Here's to living higher up on the hill.

Even if it rains it's still rose' season and there was a new one to try.  The wine was a 2013 Barnard Griffin Rose' of Sangiovese from the Columbia Valley in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.    The color was bright red as pictured above.  If I had been tasting this wine blind I would have known what grape was involved.  This wine has the flavors of dry, tart cherries with that sense of clean earth that one gets in a good Chianti.  The flavors are light and pleasing and they just scream Sangiovese.  Great acid, bone dry on the finish and a tart cherry after taste. 

There was a beef tri-tip roast that was supposed to go on the grill, but fire and rain only mix in a James Taylor song, not when one is trying to grill.  The roast went instead into a cast iron skillet to sear and then into a medium low oven to finish.  There was a side dish of some pasta with asparagus in a garlicky olive oil and anchovy dressing to help things along.  Great with the wine. 

There were leftovers and today's lunch is pictured below with some cheese, tomatoes and Provencal mustard.  Sadly, the Barnard Griffin wine seemed to have disappeared last night.
2013 Barnard Griffin Rose' of Sangiovese, Columbia Valley.  12% alcohol and $11 dollars.  Very much a bargain. 

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