Tuesday, June 24, 2014

California Rose'

One disadvantage of being in the 'flyover' territory of the U.S. is that most of the new, small boutique wineries that are creating a stir in the press are rarely available here.  Most of them are on allocation from the winery and available only via the winery's  mailing list. That said, I was surprised when one my local haunts called and said they had a couple of cases of a wine from Arnot-Roberts.  The wine was a 2013 Rose' of Touriga Nacional, Lushinger vineyard, Clear Lake.  I bought my allotment of two.

The first one was opened  with a dish of clams, shrimp and scallops done paella style, but substituting Israeli couscous for the rice for a quicker cooking time. It included white wine, shrimp stock and tomatoes, along with garlic, onions, and saffron.

The wine got a medium chill and the cork came out about twenty minutes before dinner was ready.  It was electric, neon pink in the glass and reminded me of a sunset.  There were definite aromas of cherries and strawberries and they were bold.  The first sip was bone dry and crisp and went almost entirely with watermelon flavors.  The cherries and strawberries were still hanging around but they were second fiddle in this wine.  A long crisp finish kicked up the strawberry a bit, but this wine was still about drinking a watermelon.    Fantastic with the seafood.  This is as good a bottle of California rose' as I've had.  Delicious.

2013 Arnot Roberts Rose' of Touriga Nacional, Lushinger vineyard, Clear Lake.  11% alcohol and $24.

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