Thursday, June 26, 2014


The 2009 Prosper Maufoux Santenay was a truly amazing wine, but not for the reason that immediately jumped into your mind.  

There was a small celebration the other night that centered around a pan seared filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms.  A burgundy sounded good and while cruising through the wine department I saw this wine listed at $24.99 and decided it was what I wanted.  When I went through the checkout line and got my total price for everything it seemed very low.  The clerk and I looked at the receipt and I noticed that the wine range up at $4.99 instead of $24.99.   The store manager was standing close by and I pointed this out to him.  He paged the wine director and after some discussion they thanked me for noticing this and said, 'take the wine for that price and we will correct our error in the computer system'.  A fair deal. 

The color was light and true to Burgundy and the aroma was funky and wonderful - definitely not on the fruity side.  There were leaves and earth primarily.  It sat in the glass while while the filet and mushrooms cooked.  By the time dinner was ready the wine was in much better condition and there was some fruit emerging.  It remained more savory than fruity throughout the meal and was really nice with the mushrooms. It was earthy, a little bit green, and probably just a bit overpriced at $24.99, but worth every penny of $4.99.

Half of the bottle disappeared and the rest was vacuum sealed.  The second day was oven roasted chicken leg quarters and some room temperature, potato salad.  What a difference a day made for this wine.  Most of the funkiness had faded and the leaves and earthiness were now supporting some beautiful fruit flavors.  The wine was now well balanced and  joy to drink.  It was worth every bit of the $24.99 on the second day.

 2009 Prosper Maufoux Santenay.  13% alcohol and $4.99 ($24.99).

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