Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reserve de la Saurine

This wine, 2013 Reserve de la Saurine, should be labeled summer's best buy.  The wine is from the Gard region of southern France and is 100% Grenache.  The taste is pure strawberries with a bit of red raspberry thrown in for good measure.  It has a bone dry mouth feel that is both refreshing  and satisfying.   There's a bit of length to the finish.  This is the wine in the glass with the Asiago bread sticks below this post.  It was also perfect with a spatchcocked chicken from the grill and some rice. 

Best of all was the price - a mere $7.99.  Not the greatest rose' but when one is paying $8 it is definitely a best buy.

2013 Reserve de la Saurine, Rose' of Grenache.  12.5% alcohol and $8.

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