Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rose' D'Anjou

While they are delicious year round Rose' wines are at their peak in the late spring when the wines from the previous harvest hit the market.  Light and fruity and fresh only begins to describe how much fun they are to drink.  My latest one was a remarkable bargain for what it delivered.  The wine was a 2013 Rose' D'Anjou  from Caves De L'Angevine from the Loire region of France.  Crush some ripe raspberries and throw them in a blender, add a cherry or two and top off with a couple of strawberries and give them a spin, and that is pretty much what you get with this wine.  Great acid, beautiful color, bone dry, low alcohol and happy. 

Caves De L'Angevine Rose' D'Anjou.  11% alcohol and $12.

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